Transforming Rip Van Dam and The Adelphi into a five-star Resort in Saratoga Springs

Transforming Rip Van Dam and The Adelphi, in Saratoga Springs are the focus of a new redevelopement to unify the hotels into one large five-star Resort in Saratoga Springs.
The real estate developers and thoroughbred racehorse owners, Michael Dubb and Larry Roth recently gained the city’s approval to begin their $50 million five-star Resort in Saratoga Springs which involves transforming Rip Van Dam and The Adelphi. They intend to renovate and expand the Rip Van Dam building on Broadway and have it connected to the Adelphi building, with the goal of reviving a piece of the luxury grand hotel era that made Saratoga a playground for the wealthy in the 1870s.
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A team of local builders, architects and support staff have been hired by the developers to start working on the Resort in Saratoga Springs. The general contractor is Bonacio Construction of Saratoga Springs, while the layout was overseen by The LA Group Landscape Architecture & Engineering, who also spearheaded the approval process. Design plans are being handled by Dominick Ranieri Architect of Schenectady.
Located in the center of downtown Saratoga Springs, this 200,000-square-foot development transforming Rip Van Dam and The Adelphi would convert both the Adelphi Hotel and former dilapidated and neglected Rip Van Dam hotel just around the corner, on Broadway into a spacious resort with concierge services, massages, a ballroom and a restaurant serving 20-ounce, dry-aged porterhouse steaks. Pricing for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments within the 84 studio will range between $2,000 to $5,000 a month and the existing 32-room hotel will double in size.
Michael Dubb described their vision, stating that Saratoga was a special place and this was a great opportunity to restore these buildings that had fallen into a state of disrepair, back to their splendor. Dubb also said, “One of the goals of the apartments is to cater to a market that might be there, that’s not there now. We want to give Saratoga the crown jewel in the center of town that it deserves.”
Larry Roth also gave more insights on how the idea to build a five-star Resort in Saratoga Springs originated. He mentioned that he called in his close friend, Dubb and asked that he work with him because of Dub’s work experience in building premier homes on Long Island.
Roth said, “He looked at it and had the same vision I did. It’s the best piece of property in Saratoga and we should develop it.”

Original article from Construction Review Online
By Barbara Mangiri

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